What Might Be The Leading Cause Behind Your Frequent Need To Pee

So many of us have to fight the urge to pee constantly. Between having to get up to pee repeatedly during the night to having to excuse yourself at lunch constantly, the struggle is real. The constant need to pee is not just uncomfortable, but also exceedingly embarrassing. However, instead of just being an inconvenience, the need to pee constantly can actually be an indicator for an array of problems.

Usually, people pee around six to seven times a day. However, anywhere from four to ten times is also deemed normal as long as it does not cause you any problems. People peeing more than eight to ten times a day is nothing short of a cause for concern. For most people, the urge to pee constantly comes and goes. Factors like sleep, stress and hydration play an active role in how much you pee and how many times you have to go to the washroom. To identify the reason behind the frequent urination, a thorough picture of not only your habits but also your health needs to be drawn.

Here are a few reasons that can help you identify what might be the leading cause behind your frequent need to pee

11. You have a UTI

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