Top 9 Ways to Increase Height

Many people are self-concious about their height and spend a lot of time wondering how to appear taller. You’d be surprised to learn that your height isn’t entirely based on genetics. In fact, there are several enironmental factors that have an influence on your body and even your stature.

Bright Side has collected 9 simple tips that can help you to reach your full height potential!

1. Proper nutrition

Top 9 Ways to Increase Height

A well-balanced diet rich in nutrients (essential calcium intake) and vitamins (especially vitamin D) will help your body improve and grow. Calcium helps your bones to grow while Vitamin D stimulates bone and muscle growth.

A healthy diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, proteins and carbohydrates. Milk, lean meats, vegetables, and nuts should always be present on your dinner table.

Try to maintain schedule for food intake. Eat three times a day at the same time with small, healthy snacks in between.

2. Walk outside on sunny days

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