This Is What Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage Says About You

Even the most superstitious people amongst us have all read more than their fair share of zodiac articles. And we all know that the only criteria such articles use to predict our future and make judgments about our character is our date of birth.

Well, what if we used something a little more telling about our life choices? Something that tends to play a big part in many people’s lives, or at least their social lives.

What if we used your favorite alcohol to tell you what it says about you as a person?

Well, that’s exactly what we’ve done, because the truth is, your alcoholic beverage of choice says a lot more about you than you think.

1. Vodka

If this popular spirit is your go-to alcoholic beverage, you’re most likely clever, independent, health-conscious and possibly a little shallow and superficial. Your physique and overall physical appearance are very important to you which is why you opt for alcohol with the fewest calories.

2. Gin

A recent study has revealed that if gin is your preference when it comes to booze, you’re a lot more likely to have psychopathic tendencies. Apparently, preferring a more bitter taste goes hand and hand with psychopathy.

3. Beer

Beer is one of the most common alcoholic drinks to order at the bar or in a restaurant. So your preference for it means you’re approachable, uncomplicated and simply enjoy living life to the full. It also reveals that you’re a good listener, a reliable friend and very down to earth.

4. Whiskey

Your taste is pretty sophisticated and fancy but in spite of this, you tend to have a laid-back and casual outlook on life. You’re extremely intelligent but never feel the need boast about your intellect or accomplishments. Success is much more than an aspiration for you, it’s most likely your future.

5. Rum

You’re a young soul and extremely adventurous. You love trying out new things and try to overcome any obstacles you are faced with.

Creativity is your middle name, however, sometimes your eagerness can hinder you in that respect. All too often, you’ll start new projects, put your all in them and then ultimately fail to bring them to fruition.

Your taste in music and art is extremely diverse because you tend to be more open-minded than the average person.

6. Tequila

You’re definitely more of a risk taker than most people. Because of this, other people tend to perceive you as reckless and wild.

You have a very clear set of goals in your mind and you have no qualms about going after what you want. You tell yourself that even if you fail to achieve your goals, at least you gave it your best shot.

7. Wine

If you’re a lover of wine, this usually means one of two things: you’re very sociable or you’re a mom. You’re most likely sophisticated, opinionated, passionate and humorous.

So there you have it; you may have thought your favorite drink was a simply a matter of taste but actually, your go-to order at the bar says plenty of things about you.