I Wore My Husband’s Clothes to Work for 10 Whole Days

It seems that all girls love to wear their boyfriend’s/husband’s clothes around the house. Such things feel cozy and comfortable, and they retain the warmth of the man they belong to.

The staff of Bright Side decided to conduct a little research and find out whether ladies can wear men’s items outside and look stylish and cool. The experiment was conducted with the help of Rufina, who, for several days, went to work and enjoyed walks dressed in her husband’s clothes.

I Wore My Husband’s Clothes to Work for 10 Whole Days

At first, I felt hesitant about the whole idea. For me, like for many other girls, to wear men’s clothing was an unspoken taboo. But I also felt curious to know about the perks of donning such decidedly unfeminine items.

Luckily, I quickly managed to get my bearings and find winning solutions thanks to my stylist friend, Elmira. We opened the wardrobe and pulled out all my husband’s clothes. And then we began to create, combine, mix, and try stuff on.

Day one

I Wore My Husband’s Clothes to Work for 10 Whole Days


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