Discover Which Superhero You Would’ve Been in High School

Imagine going to high school as a superhero. Unlike Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, though, your high school is open for every known superhero of all time. To know which superhero you are, all you have to do is remember which cafeteria table you used to hang out at in high school!

We at Bright Side suggest that you open your yearbook and figure out which of the superheroes you and your friends are according to your high school personas.

Ask yourself, which of these apply to you in high school:

  1. Were you the charismatic school president? If yes, proceed to No. 1.
  2. Did your athletic abilities made you the school jock? If yes, go to No. 2.
  3. Were you crowned prom king? If yes, check out No. 3.
  4. Did you get the prom queen tiara? If yes, No. 4 is for you.
  5. Would you say you were a rebel or did you belong to the emo clique? If yes, go to No. 5.
  6. Do you think you were a bookworm in high school? If yes, proceed to No. 6.
  7. Were you part of the popular girl group in high school? If yes, look for No. 7.
  8. Would you say you were one of the rich kids in high school? If yes, go to No. 8.
  9. Do you think you made people laugh and were the class joker? If yes, check out No. 9.
  10. Do you feel you were more of a shy introvert? If yes, find the superhero in you in No. 10.

1. School president

Captain America

So, you were the reliable school president, right? You might just be Captain America, who is one of the most trustworthy superheroes.

Discover Which Superhero You Would’ve Been in High School

 Steve Rogers even looks smart with his hair neatly parted and acts so strait-laced that he told Iron Man to watch his language. As Captain America, you would have had the Super-Soldier Serum to enhance your abilities, making it possible for you to work long hours to run the student body.

Captain Marvel

If you were a smart, hard-working, and powerful student back in high school, you might have been Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers.

Discover Which Superhero You Would’ve Been in High School

You would have possessed not only superhuman strength and durability, but also the ability to absorb and manipulate energy. Sounds like a very dependable school leader that others might cast a vote for!