A Man Made His Wife Choose Between Her Dogs and Him, and She Stayed With the Dogs

Liz, a dog angel

The dog’s needs and demands left Mike in second and third place in terms of Liz’s priorities. “My passion for dogs was too huge for Mike.” And rightly so.

Taking care of 30 dogs that require medical attention and also affection must barely leave enough spare time to even take care of yourself. Liz spends around 18 hours a day taking care of her dogs, taking them out for a walk, and spending hundreds of dollars on their medicines and treatments.

200 dogs and counting

Despite all of this, Beds for Bullies is still working thanks to generous people. It’s a charity “that relies mostly on donations” and on a small business that offers accommodations

for pets whenever their owners go on vacation. Liz also welcomes rescued puppies that have been rejected by other shelters. She has admitted over 200 rescued dogs over the years and continues to house more.

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