A Man Made His Wife Choose Between Her Dogs and Him, and She Stayed With the Dogs

To Liz Haslam, happiness is what happens when she’s caring for and protecting dogs in need. What does she get in return? An immense amount of love and gratitude from these pups. It’s so strong that there’s no doubt in saying she wouldn’t change this for anything or anyone in the world, literally.

Bright Side wants to give you a recount of this particular story in which Liz made the most critical decision of her life when she chose between her partner or her dogs.

Liz got married to someone who she thought was the love of her life.

Liz Haslam met Mike when she was 16 and they fell in love.

So when she finished high school, they got married. After the wedding, she moved from her parents’ home to share her life with Mike in a new place. They settled on the English countryside in a 2-bedroom house next to a large rural garden in Barnham, Suffolk. They had a child named Ollie and were married for over 25 years. However, none of the elements in this love story were enough for their love to last, nor to confront any obstacle that came their way.

“It’s the dogs or me.”

One day, fed up with an unusual situation that exceeded the limits of his patience, Mike confronted Liz without considering the consequences: “My husband said: It’s either the dogs or me.” Since that moment I have neither seen nor heard from him, she declared.

A Man Made His Wife Choose Between Her Dogs and Him, and She Stayed With the Dogs

The reason behind all of this? When they moved to the country house, Liz realized she had enough space to start a business that would fill her heart even more than her pockets: Beds for Bullies, a foundation for bull terriers that gives shelter to these dogs that are in need. However, her husband felt that their relationship revolved around the dogs, which had many medical and behavioral issues that prevented them from being relocated to new homes.

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