8 Truths Every Couple Should Know to Make Their Love Last Longer

We are always interested in learning the keys to a successful relationship. What are the things that can split a couple up or make their love last? A happy relationship requires both people to put in the effort and the work that’s necessary to ensure a stable emotional environment. Scientists have done a lot of work to give you insight into what can help you keep your relationships happy.

Bright Side has collected 8 science-based facts that can show you the secrets of successful relationships. The facts are very interesting — for example, American psychologist Robert Zanjoniceven proved that couples in strong, vibrant relationships start to look alike after 25 years together!

1. Jealousy is in your genes.

In order to investigate the influence of your DNA on jealousy, scientists studied the answers of 3,000 pairs of twins because of the similarity of their genetic make-up. The results showed that 1/3 of your tendencies toward jealousy are likely to have a genetic origin.

There’s no doubt that the other 2/3 depends on environmental factors, meaning the kinds of events that have happened in our lives have more of an influence. The way we react to the idea of a partner’s betrayal is influenced by the way we’re brought up and by the people and events we see around us.

2. Happy couple ratio

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