7 Ways Activated Charcoal Can Work Wonders on Your Body

7. It can help you clean your digestive tract.

As we breathe in dirty air and eat foods treated with chemicals and pesticides, we accumulate large amounts of poisonous substances in our bodies. By removing toxins and allergens from your digestive tract, you will boost your immune system and improve the work of the whole body.


Some doctors recommend taking 10 grams of activated charcoal 90 minutes before each meal for 2 days, but you can always find the right dosage info on the package of charcoal capsules.

You can also try adding the needed amount of activated charcoal into your food, for example, into your smoothie. But be careful: activated charcoal has strong binding properties, so it can considerably reduce the effect of any medications you are taking.


The remedies we have just told you about have been proven to be effective in many people, but remember that this is not a substitute for medicine. If you have health problems that need professional medical treatment, scheduling an appointment with your doctor would be the best option.

Which of these remedies would you like to try out? Do you know any other health benefits of activated charcoal? Share your tips and ideas in the comment section!

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