7 Fateful Pictures Whose Secrets Remain Unsolved

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with emotion just looking at a picture? It’s not surprising, because an artist puts a piece of his or her own soul into it, and the bigger the genius, the more powerful the effect.

Bright Side has gathered a few “fateful” masterpieces that will inspire you with inexplicable awe.

The Isleworth Mona Lisa

Most of the Louvre’s visitors only wish to see the legendary Mona Lisa. There are still numerous unsolved mysteries shrouding this painting, not least the Stendhal syndrome it is said to cause. This is the condition which makes people feel as though they’re inside the picture, leading them to aggression or even suicide.

However, few people know that there is another version of La Gioconda — the Isleworth Mona Lisa that is believed to belong to Da Vinci’s brush as well, although it had been painted years earlier. The picture was found in a private collection more than a century ago, and it’s now exhibited in the Prado Museum, Madrid. Maybe one day it’ll help find answers to the questions posed by Mona Lisa.

The Stagecraft

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