7 Classic Principles of Upbringing We’d Be Better Off Forgetting About

How often do you think about whether or not certain ways of raising kids are useful or not? How often do you update them according to the reality of modern-day life? Almost everyone follows the rules that their own parents taught them like, “study well”, “be responsible”, and “you’ll become a boss if you work hard”.

But some child psychologists propose that we start to prepare our kids for the future the day before yesterday, instead of tomorrow.

Bright Side was really surprised by the irrelevance of some older parental advice and want to find out if we really need to get rid of some of these dated principles once and for all.

7. You have to save money.

7 Classic Principles of Upbringing We’d Be Better Off Forgetting About

The main word of advice from our parents and grandparents almost makes no sense today. You can save money during a short period of time, while a long-term bank deposit is a rather doubtful variant. Apparently, you’ll get the opposite result of saving money when you do this. Of course, it’s good to have some money in reserve but it’s even better when your savings work for you.

In the modern world, money should be invested prudently, and not everyone knows how to do it. That’s why the financial planning basics are useful for everybody.

6. If you want to do something, do it as good as possible.

7 Classic Principles of Upbringing We’d Be Better Off Forgetting About

This is one of the most persistent pieces of advice that people follow from generation to generation.

But if we look at a school student’s day, we’ll see that they have to do lots of things. And the only one possible way to get it all done is to decide what should be done really well, what may be reviewed, and what can be cheated.

Well, if you do everything well, how can you do anything just perfectly?

This skill of “effort division” is incredibly useful in adult life when it comes to having to divide time and effort between work, family, hobbies, and other important things.