6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim

Japanese women are considered among the most beautiful and elegant in the world. At 30 they look like they’re 18, at 40 like they’re 25, and they live the longest.

We at Bright Side decided to find out the secrets of Japanese diet and lifestyle, for they prove to be quite useful.

A rich and balanced diet

It’s a common misconception that the Japanese only eat sushi — their diet is, in fact, rather diverse. They prefer fish, seaweeds, vegetables, soy, rice, fruit, and green tea. The Japanese diet is versatile and balanced, and it’s almost devoid of high-calorie and junk foods.

6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim

Freshness and relevance to the season are of great importance, and they usually eat those products that ripen at the time. Seasonal fish is also preferable. Weather is another crucial factor: in winter, the Japanese traditionally have meat, fish, and hot drinks and soups, while in the heat of summer they prefer cold soups, seafood, cold ramen, and salads.

Cooking methods

The Japanese traditionally cook their food by stewing, grilling, steaming, or frying in a special pan with minimal oil. The vegetables are sliced so they look better and cook more quickly. The advantage of such methods is that the foods retain much of their nutritional properties.

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