22 Striking Historical Shots That Bring the Past to Life

Photographers are a great help for historians: they capture the most memorable events and important facts and their images can explain the atmosphere of an entire era. But unfortunately, the most interesting pictures of the past are not shown in the history books in school. So, we decided to show you what Charlie Chaplin looked like when he was young, what the first scooter was like, and who Mark Twain was friends with.

Bright Side has found some interesting photos of the past that are full of historical value.

1. A soldier is helping a boy get over the Berlin Wall.

22 Striking Historical Shots That Bring the Past to Life

2. Apeman found in the jungles of Brazil, 1937

This picture was originally posted on Imgur and immediately went viral because there was no explanation of where the photo came from and what it means.

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