20 Simple Ways to Make Anyone Believe You’re Pretty Darn Confident

Insecure people are scared of drawing attention to themselves. But the only way to deal with your fears is to face them. If you feel weak in the knees when you think about giving a public speech, you should find a way to become a public speaker.

If your job doesn’t let you take part in conferences or at least, some kind of meetings, try yourself as a model. Pose for artists or participate in a photo shoot. By attracting other people’s attention, you will get used to taking their opinions less seriously.

15. Wear a “bracelet of happiness.”
Try to memorize the moments when you were doing well and everything worked out for you. When something good happens, for example, like when you achieve something, put on a piece of jewelry that will be associated with this success. Now, every time you feel insecure about something, just look at your “bracelet of happiness,” and all your doubts will disappear.

16. Do not change your opinion.

20 Simple Ways to Make Anyone Believe You’re Pretty Darn Confident

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