20 Simple Ways to Make Anyone Believe You’re Pretty Darn Confident

When we go on a first date or try to impress a potential employer, we typically want to present ourselves in the best light possible and not tell them anything about our flaws. But this is a no-win situation because even if you are chosen and hired, you can’t hide for long and they will see your flaws sooner or later. And also, some people may even be turned off by the fact that you’re trying to look better than you actually are.

8. Stick to your opinion.
Do you have a firm position on a certain issue? If you don’t, you need to develop one. This does not mean you should be stubborn and refuse to listen to other people. But, you still should value your own opinion. A strong position and point of view that doesn’t change every day makes you a stronger person. This strategy can help you to overcome doubts and to not be manipulated by other people.

9. Remember all your hard feelings.

20 Simple Ways to Make Anyone Believe You’re Pretty Darn Confident

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