20+ Everyday Things That Can Be Dangerous for Kids

Having babies or toddlers prompts all parents to do everything in their power to build a baby-proof home. They get rid of sharp edges, lock away dangerous chemicals in a cabinet, and close off bath tub or pool areas from their children. Yet other things that seem safe, like dresser drawers, could still cause injury to unknowing toddlers.

Bright Side feels that we ought to be cautious about the things at home that could be risky to little ones and wants to highlight a few things that we all tend to think are safe.

1. Carpets and rugs

Carpets or rugs may make a room look wonderful, prevent kids from slipping, and reduce noise. Butresearch on the toxins in carpets has shown that carpet materials can be hazardous to our health. In fact, carpets impair the indoor air quality, according to a National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) study. It is also particularly harmful to kids, especially toddlers, who might find and swallow small items that are overlooked in carpets.

2. Candy-like medicine

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