19 Facts About Life in Switzerland You’ll Hardly Find in a Travel Guide

We know quite a bit about Switzerland: this country isn’t a member of any military alliance, it’s loved by millions of people, the chocolate bar Toblerone is produced there, and its economy is one of the most stable in the world. So this country obviously has lots of things going for it. However, every country has its strong and weak points, even in a developed country like this. For example, baked cat and dog meat have been a traditional Christmas dish here for a long time.

Bright Side wants to share the most intriguing facts about Switzerland with you that can surprise even the most experienced of travelers.

You’ll need to get a license first if you want to go fishing. It’ll take only 9 lessons for specialists to teach you how to take fish off the hook to prevent its suffering.

There’s a urinal in every women’s public restroom. Of course, it’s for women.

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