14 Signs of Emotional Burnout That Keep You From Moving On

We know everything about time management, we write down our plans and make lists constantly, and we feel sorry that there aren’t any extra hours in the day. We meet impossible deadlines, we know things about fields we aren’t supposed to know, and honestly say on our resumes that we are good at multitasking. Our parents call us hardworking, our friends are amazed by how we manage to do everything, and we think we could do even more. Only psychologists notice that we are on the edge of an emotional burnout.

Today Bright Side decided to talk about the most important things about this emotional state and warn those who don’t let themselves have a little break.

What is emotional burnout?

14 Signs of Emotional Burnout That Keep You From Moving On

Emotional burnout is sometimes called the illness of the best student, even though this state has nothing to do with IQ level or success at school. This is the state some people end up in when they want to try to be successful in all fields: work, personal life, and rest.

People who constantly live under this stress don’t rest enough. Many of us feel it every day: being stuck in a traffic jam on your way to work, hearing a drilling sound in the middle of an important conversation, losing the internet connection while sending an important e-mail, or publishing something on Instagram. There can be thousands of triggers.

When someone is under too much stress, they gradually run out of energy which can ultimately lead to a serious depression or a lack of energy to do anything. So, if you have been noticing these changes in yourself, give yourself a chance to take a timeout.

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