12 Mysterious Things Even Scientists Can’t Explain

Since ancient times, we’ve tried to explain numerous miraculous things that exist on our planet. The majority of such things are now explained scientifically. However, there are still some phenomena that are hard to believe.

Bright Side collected 12 mysterious phenomena that are created by nature or people.

12. Bimini Road

In the 1930s, American psychic Edgar Cayce claimed that in 1968 or 1969 the ruins of the lost city of Atlantis would be found in Bimini.

In September 1968, 700 meters of neatly placed limestone blocks were found in the sea near Paradise Point in northern Bimini. The chain of blocks is now called “Bimini Road.”

Some think these are the remains of the famous civilization. Others believe it’s the result of the seabed deepening.

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