11 Strange Myths That Turned Out to Be True

Puzzling myths and incredible theories abound in this world, and many are hard to accept as true. But from time to time, the world shocks us with the unexpected discoveries it offers.

Bright Side has put together a selection of strange theories that turned out to be true but which until just yesterday we all thought were make believe.

Cash machines identify people according to their voice, eyes, and physical appearance.

In 2015, China introduced us to cash machines that identify people’s faces.

11 Strange Myths That Turned Out to Be True

Today they serve as a good method for fighting against fraudsters before we do away with plastic bank cards. There are also cash machines that recognize people’s voices as well as their faces.

Fluoride can actually harm your teeth.


Dentists recommend using toothpaste with fluoride as an effective method of preventing tooth decay. However, recent research carried out in New Zealand indicates that fluoride actually does more harm than good.

11 Strange Myths That Turned Out to Be True

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