11 Fake Stories and Photos That Millions of People Believed

In the pursuit of high ratings, the world media tends to sugarcoat events leading us to believe totally false information. Thanks to speculation, even the most insignificant stories gain viral popularity. This means that millions of people receive unverified information, easily controlling their biases and opinions.

We at Bright Side decided to expose some of these false allegations and photos published by the world’s largest publications and users of popular image boards. These fakes have gained immense popularity among millions of Internet users within a very short period of time.

Happy Keanu Reeves is running away from the paparazzi.

11 Fake Stories and Photos That Millions of People Believed

This photo has appeared in almost every existing entertainment portal but turned out to be footage from the dramatic film, Generation Um…. In the movie, there is a scene where the hero, Keanu Reeves steals a camera from some cowboys. On the Internet, the photo became famous thanks to the actor’s happy demeanor, which is unlike him, along with captions that read, “Keanu Reeves stole a camera from the paparazzi.”

Angela Merkel refused to follow the dress code in Saudi Arabia.

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