10 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind

Try to visualize your desires — not concrete objects you wish you owned, but the skills you wish you had or the circumstances you hope might one day exist. Set aside some time before you go to bed to practice this exercise. Just as blood rushes to your arm when you lift up a weight, your brain will also react to the mental “load” of this visualization exercise. Flexing your brain in this way will increase your motivation to achieve your dream, shortening your path toward it.

5. Don’t waste your time chatting when you’re at the gym or after your workout

10 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind

Periods of physical exercise or extreme stress make an individual more talkative than normal. In such moments, you’re more likely to reveal a well-kept secret. This is because physical exertion triggers your “fight or flight” mechanism, speeding up your pulse and your breathing. Your brain reacts to this situation as if you were in physical danger and strains to offer all of its reserves of strength to help you cope. Ultimately, all this does is make you a great target for those who want to get inside your head. Bear this in mind if you work out with people you know!

6. Lay off the games on your smartphone

10 Simple Ways to Avoid Falling Into Traps Set by Your Own Mind


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