10 Principles of Billionaires That Should Be Adopted to Succeed

Oprah Winfrey said once, “I managed to achieve such financial success because money has never been my main goal.” And that’s what most billionaires say too. Today, the primary concern of the wealthiest people is not necessarily earning money. For example, Mark Zuckerberg wants to change the world and Elon Musk wants to build a megapolis on Mars.

The players in the modern business arena are not simply successful fraudsters or children of fortune. Today, people who reach success are admired. They are educated, modest, and their status is proved not by the demonstration of luxury goods, but by the size of charitable contributions.

Bright Side is sure that a lot of things can be learned from those who managed to climb the financial Olympus with their own efforts. We suggest you adopt some of the principles of rich people to change your life for the better.

10. Find your goal and formulate it correctly.

10 Principles of Billionaires That Should Be Adopted to Succeed

Order differs from chaos with the fact that moving elements have a goal to which they aspire. It is the goal, thoughts, and dreams about them that help us keep our spirit alive and make the right decisions when everything else seems to go wrong.

  • Steve Jobs did not want to release a phone. His goal was a phone that could function as a computer but was easy to use.

Your goal should be specific. For example, you like to bake cakes and you would like to do it more often, and it would be nice to do it for money. “I want to bake cakes for money,” is an incorrect way to formulate your goal. The right goal will be, “To open a bakery where my cakes will be sold.” If you dream of a world tour, it will be wrong to set a goal, “I want to travel the world.” The right formulation would be, “I want to earn $20,000 for my travels.”

9. Make a plan and follow it.

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