10 Pieces of Advice That Might One Day Save Your Life

When people hear the phrase “survival tips,” many of them immediately imagine a situation similar to that faced by Robinson Crusoe or Bear Grylls: going one on one with nature. But the fact is that even in the city it’s a good idea to know what to do when the situation demands it in order to avoid misfortune.

We at Bright Side gathered some of the best advice to help make sure you don’t panic in dangerous situations.

10. Using keys for self-defense

10 Pieces of Advice That Might One Day Save Your Life

You often see this kind of advice online: to defend yourself when you’re attacked on the street, hold your keys between your fingers like a knuckle-duster. But you actually shouldn’t do this as it can harm your fingers. To even get your keys into this position in your hand, you need time, which you may not have.

It’s much more effective to hold your keys as you would a knife, or clutch them in your fist.

9. If the taxi driver is acting strangely

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