10 Health Problems Every Woman Can Suffer From — and How to Fix Them

So set that fruity scented product back on the shelf and go for the natural, unscented soap or products that are specially made for therapeutic and intimate hygiene.

7. Bad smells due to the food you eat


No, you’re not a potato just because you had a few fries, but it is true that the scent of our lady parts can often be affected by what we eat. So, no you’re not crazy next time you think you smell like pineapple or cinnamon because bad food can definitely cause a sour scent.

8. The danger of STIs or STDs

Worldwide, more than one million people contract an STD every day, so it’s important to take this matter seriously, and see a doctor from time to time.

10 Health Problems Every Woman Can Suffer From — and How to Fix Them

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