10 Beauty Myths That Make Us Poor Instead of Young and Healthy

Myth № 5: Massage is just a way to relax.

Few people see the link between wrinkles and neck spasms.

But in fact, all the human muscles are connected: if some muscles get contracted, others will relax and vice versa. So, if a good expert works on one area of the body, a totally different area may get fixed.

For example, if you frown often, there is a high chance that the muscles near the chin will sag. The facial muscles are directly connected with the muscles of the back of the neck, so the shape of the face can be slightly changed if these muscles are massaged. Relaxing the muscles is the first step, making them stronger is what should follow. Face fitness with a good cosmetologist is something that every woman should at least try to do.

Myth № 6: Lip balms prevent dryness.

The advantage of using lip balms is highly overestimated.

Some experts even think that they are completely useless: by applying a lip balm, you suppress the natural mechanism of evaporation and skin restoration because balms prevent the removal of dead skin cells. Also, using lip balms often becomes a habit and many ladies love to lick their lips when there is something on them, which leads to them becoming very dry.

A good alternative to useless balms is vitamin E capsules. Rub the oil from them on the lips every morning and evening.

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